Asterios Polyp



Asterios Polyp was artist David Mazzucchelli ’s (Daredevil “Born Again,” Batman “Year One”) near decade in the making, masterful return to comics. Epic in myth and metaphor while deceivingly simple in style and scope. A story about a ruined academic fleeing far a field to ruminate about his failed life and marriage. Its true themes question the implied false dichotomy of classical duality, the interconnectedness of humanity and our failure to empathize or understand the lives of others. Continue reading

David Rees has created in almost every medium


Stills from from “Going Deep With David Rees: How to Light a Match”

Cartoonist: He did a series of cartoons called Get Your War On for Rolling Stone. Entrepreneur: He started an “artisanal” pencil sharpening business. Author: He wrote a book about it. DJ: He released an album called AphexSwift, a mash-up of Aphex Twin and Taylor Swift.

But my favorite is film: Going Deep with David Rees, his show on National Geographic, proves that you can learn everything from anything.

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Peter Aschwanden: Anxiety and Joy in the Illustration of Machines


Okay here’s the thing about Peter Aschwanden. He was a 1960’s hippie beatnik artist that made a living illustrating technical manuals. An off-the-grid naturalist who created incredibly detailed illustrations of machines in a remote mountain cabin by kerosene lamp. He first came to my attention decades ago in high school when I gained possession of a 1971 VW Microbus. When you buy an old VW you by default purchase the shop manual because by nature they always break down and need to be tinkered with. The “tinkering manual” of choice for most classic VW owners is How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive: A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures of the Compleat Idiot, written by John Muir, illustrated by Peter Aschwanden.

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