Here & There in Austin



Here are some photos from a recent family vacation to Austin, Texas. Included are a few favorite spots: The Sound Gallery, Sister Coffee, San Marcos River, Farewell Books and the beautiful rental property of our friends Aimee & Daniel where we got some much needed R&R. As I sifted through all the images when we returned home, it felt like color, texture and type tied this particular group together.


Bright Red Film

Bright Red: 1 of 50 Colours from Colorplan from GFSmith on Vimeo.

I’ve been obsessing over Colorplan papers from G. F. Smith for a while. The Colorplan site is a color lover’s Candyland with a gold mine of tools for pairing and selecting paper. You can arrange, pair and sort colors in the browser; watch videos demonstrating the thickness of each weight; and download a color swatch library plus images of their embossed textures.

When I found the Bright Red film it nearly put me over the edge—a documentary of paper making disguised as a Scandinavian crime serial that could have been blessed by the hands of Ridley Scott. Amazing.

Agency: Made Thought
Director: Ben Stevenson / When Just Happened
Sound Design: Marian Mentrup

The Day’s Color



The Day’s Color,  a project by Nigel Evan Dennis, is dedicated to his love of color. I enjoy scrolling through his palettes and inspiration and especially love his beautiful description of color:

“Everything you see contains a palette. Some beautiful. Some ‘ugly’. Some dark. Some light. Some hot. Some cold. But they are all inspiring. They are all engaging. Color can adjust our perception. It can effect the way our food tastes. It can increase the emotional and intuitive level of an experience. It can turn us off, turn us on. It is psychological. It is emotional. Color is a wonderful thing. Retain it. This site is dedicated to my love of color.”

Click through to see a few favorites.