About Forages

We live in The Woodlands, Texas (about 25 miles north of Houston). We love Houston, it’s growing creative culture and it’s diversity. It also happens to be that we are bound by the chains of parenthood to a 7-mile radius around our home. Forages is a place for us to share the things that inspire us in work and life. We’ll also post a few updates on A Civil Fox throughout the year. You can expect weekly posts in the following featured categories:


Books, magazines, journals, manuals, newspapers, comic books, note books, catalogues... If it’s bound and we like it, we’ll post it.


Everything we see and hear that we love. In addition to our Boundless posts, check out our VSCO page for a collection of snapshots from our day-to-day.

A Color Story

Color is one of our favorite elements of design and a huge source of inspiration. It’s a fundamental differentiator and speaks to audiences on a subconscious and emotional level.

Make Use of

Tangible and intangible things that we come across and utilize with ease. We're suckers for timeless products, design and processes that simplify tasks.

Best of the Burbs

We’re always on a mission to find the small gems that the suburbs has to offer. We'll share them here.