Butterick’s Practical Typography


Matthew Butterick is a writer, typographer, lawyer and author of Typography for Lawyers. His newly released web-based book, Butterick’s Practical Typography, is an excellent resource for anyone that communicates with words in print or on the web. So, nearly everyone. As the name suggests, it is practical and emphasizes that “typography is for readers, not writers.” The book is composed of clean, well-typeset pages of content and comprised of simple descriptions, instructions, key commands and references for practicing good typography. It also contains a fantastic forward by his friend Eric Spiekerman, one of the best typographers of our time. Click through for a few page examples.


Audio Content


There’s a third voice in our home and it’s the voice on the radio. We’re both podcast fanatics. Sometimes we have dualing volume battles from separate rooms. Audio content is hitting such a wonderful stride and breaking ground in a lot of ways. So over the next few weeks, we’ll each be sharing our top podcast picks.