A New Habit: OOOD No. 1


Earlier this year while listening to, After the Jump, I heard a piece of advice that really resonated with me. In the episode 10 Habits of Healthy and Happy Business Owners, Grace Bonney talks about paid inspiration days—a scheduled workday once a month to get out of the office, be inspired and think big picture about larger ideas and goals. Obviously, thinking about ideas is something I can’t turn on and off and “schedule”. But I liked the tactic of carving out a block of time to take a field trip away from the computer and dedicate myself to a day of deeper thinking.

Now that I have a one-year-old baby and one-year-old business, the timing couldn’t be more perfect to start this habit. All of my free-time is gone before it’s even established so I’m super excited that I get to schedule a monthly inspiration day. I decided to visit some sites that I’ve been waiting to see in the city for a long time. This is what I saw on my first official OOOD (Out of Office Day)


How Ink is Made

How Ink is Made, a short film about the process of making ink at The Printing Ink Company, had me hooked from the first frame. As consumers, we see and touch hundreds upon thousands of objects printed with ink. As I look around me now (while watching the film for the umpteenth time) I see ink’s aftermath around the room. It’s nice to see it come to life from pigment and vehicle (the gooey varnish that creates the sticky texture) to it’s final stage before it’s canned. Along the way, accompanied by Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5, Op 73.

Written and Produced by Ian Daffern
Directed by Tate Young
Photographed by Tony Edgar

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