CounterCurrent (2014–2016)

We were hired under the creative direction of Consequence of Innovation to do the art direction and design for CounterCurrent, an annual festival of bold, experimental art in Houston. Using a vibrant, distinct palette with interchangeable colors and clean, classic typography, we designed an identity that could be updated on a yearly basis, thus standing the test of time. Each year we strive to develop a fresh visual take on the festival’s print and web collateral while working within the restraints of the original brand framework.

Agency: Consequence of Innovation
Creative Direction: Aimee Heimbinder
Art Direction & Design: Carissa Hempton

countercurrent16-11 countercurrent16-10 countercurrent16-3 countercurrent16-1 countercurrent16-13 countercurrent16-16 countercurrent16-15 countercurrent16-14 cc15-10 cc15-4b cc15-11 cc15-7 cc15-15 cc15-web cc_palette_type IMG_7614