Audio Content


There’s a third voice in our home and it’s the voice on the radio. We’re both podcast fanatics. Sometimes we have dualing volume battles from separate rooms. Audio content is hitting such a wonderful stride and breaking ground in a lot of ways. So over the next few weeks, we’ll each be sharing our top podcast picks.



No. 1  /  Serial

Our taste in podcasts have never really overlapped. Then came Serial. THE podcast to top all podcasts! And probably the some of best content of the year.


No. 2 / Lexicon Valley

I love this podcast because they get super deep and granular on so many parts of our language. I especially like when they break down the subconcious habits in our speech and the psyche behind how we communicate with one another. Favorite episodes include Get Your Creak OnOne Giant Leap for Humanity  and Then is Now, Now and Then.


No. 3 / Start Up

This podcast is a peek into the entrepreneurial process. In the same vein as Serial, the story is told week-by-week and in real time. In this instance, the story being documented is about the birth of a business. The business being a network for podcasts. It’s super meta. The show’s creator and host, Alex Blumberg, does an amazing job at being candid and truthful about his trials, failures and successes.


No. 4  /  The Truth

A series of fictional short stories performed and recorded for a listening audience. When I heard the first episode, I wasn’t sure if I really liked it, but I was so encapsulated in the “theatre” of it, I couldn’t turn it off.


No. 5  /  99% Invisible

This is a brilliant podcast. Each episode focuses on the design of one thing—be it a place, object, or activity. A few favorite episodes: Deafspace, Queue Theory and Design, Razzle Dazzle and No Armed Bandit.

All the Rest (that I don’t have time to sketch):

Design Matters, This American Life, Radiolab from WNYC, The Lively Show, Invisible Office Hours, After the Jump, The Takeaway, 99u, It’s Nice That Studio Audience