Print Prologue

Print Prologue is a collection of tools that informs, educates and celebrates the process of small-format print design. It includes a web guide, a series of limited edition notebooks and a future app for the community of creative thinkers—both new and established. The elements we developed for the brand span the realms of product, print, video and web design. We stayed faithful to a handful of brand “rules” such as reserving the use of color for the products only (all logos, graphic elements and typography are strictly shown in black). The aesthetic is heavily typographic. We kept the use of “design-y” elements and photos to a minimum, thus reinforcing the content, print techniques and textural elements that are the primary forces behind the brand.

Creative Direction: Carissa & Paul Hempton
Art Direction, Copywriting and Design: Carissa Hempton
Copy Editing: Paul Hempton

printprologue-includes-aerial printprologue-screen-social-3 printprologue-pencils printprologue-screen-social-2 printprologue-foilstamp-back printprologue-screen-social-1 printprologue-foilstamp-ed1 printprologue-risograph-ed1 printprologue-letterpress-detail printprologue-interior-dotgrid